EC approves defense projects to 6 Portuguese companies
The European Commission announced the winning projects of the EDIDP and PADR defense programs, which include 6 national entities.

The list of winning projects from the EDIDP (European Industrial Development Program) and PADR (Preparatory Action on Defense Research) programs was published by the European Commission.

In a total of 24 approved projects, 6 national entities are involved, of which 4 are Cluster members.

A total of 16 projects were validated for the EDIDP program, 2 of which integrate Portuguese entities – “ESC2” and “PANDORA” projects. A total of 8 projects were validated for the PADR program, 1 of which integrates a national entity – “SPINAR”.

  • ESC2 – European Command and Control System

Portuguese entities involved: EDISOFT and CEiiA;
Project description:The proposal covers the development of the advanced European Strategic Command and Control (C2) system, which will contribute to the achievement of the EU new level of ambition. The foreseen activities include a feasibility study and a system design. They will provide an integrated set of solutions, exploiting the emerging technologies in key domains such as the Information Technology and Communication Systems. The project aims at delivering a C2 system fully interoperable with the Command and Control structures / systems from EU, Member States, NATO, and civilian agencies”.

  • PANDORA – Cyber Defence Platform for Real-time Threat Hunting, Incident Response and Information Sharing

Portuguese entities involved: GMVINESC TEC and CINAMIL;
Project description: “The PANDORA project aims at contributing to EU cyber defence capacity building, by designing and implementing an open technical solution for real-time threat hunting and incident response, focusing on endpoint protection, as well as information sharing. The PANDORA system aims also to promptly detect and classify known and unknown threats, enforce policies on-the-fly to counter these threats, and also exchange threat intelligence information with third parties, at both national and international level. The technical solution developed in PANDORA will be integrated and assessed in a pre-operational environment against two relevant use cases: warship security and military sensor network security.

  • SPINAR – Spin-based hardware artificial neural network for embedded RF processing

Portuguese entities involved: INL – Iberian International Nanotechnology Lab;
Project description: “Combination of AI and nanotechnology to process radio frequency signals (from radar) to identify the emitter of the signal with very low power consumption and very high efficiency. In SPINAR, an artificial neural network will be implemented directly in hardware, with spin-based nanodevices as neurons and synapses”.

The full list of the winning projects is available here.

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